"He’s like a comedy guru."
- Michael McIntyre

"He saw something in me that no one had spotted before."
- Rob Brydon

"The Mr Miyagi of failed actors."
- The Independent


I've been working with Paul for two months now and he showed me how to tap into a different frequency, a different mindset that can really showcase the qualities I already possesed. I am now able to show up 100% in my work and I have already created new and exciting career opportunities that I wouldn't have approached the same way had I not been coached by him.


"I found myself at a point where I was creatively frustrated when I came across Paul’s services advertised in The Stage Newsletter. Cut to a month later and I have booked a recurring role in a new tv series and I am on my way to possibly booking another. Paul gets right to the root of the problem and deals with it simply and efficiently. This guy is the real deal and I highly recommend him"


Paul Duddridge has completely transformed my career and life. I was going nowhere fast. within a few weeks of meeting Paul, I had phone calls, bookings and a whole team fighting for me. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. My one piece of advice, do everything he recommends. I’ve learned the hard way, he is always right. I am forever grateful.


If you need to reboot your career I cannot reccommend Paul enough. No one has ever been this brutally honest before and it is just what I needed. He has helped me to re focus and given me the tools I need to re shape my career. What are you waiting for?


He was an amazingly impressive character with strong philosophies on the comedy business. He was like a comedy guru, a life coach, focusing on the mental side of things. There was no doubt he was an inspirational orator. I felt uplifted and ready to rule the world.

-Michael McIntyre



Paul has a proven track record as an agent, manager, producer and director; representing the likes of Rob Brydon and Michael McIntyre.His no-nonsense approach has helped countless artists turn their passion into their career as well as helping formerly successful artists rescale the dizzying heights of success.

Paul will take a look at your career and give you feedback on any areas you want to develop and if necessary he will try to point out any pitfalls if he sees them.

You and Paul can discuss any and all areas of your career:

  • Representation

  • Auditions

  • Headshots

  • Showreels

  • What you're doing wrong

  • What you're doing right

  • Creating your own projects

  • How to stand out in a saturated market


Get real-world advice from an industry professional.


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