Paul Duddridge has an extraordinary talent for helping artists to achieve their true potential. His approcach is truly unique, for some challenging. However, there is ultimately only one measure and that is results. He consistently gets them.


Paul and I worked on my ‘act’ after meeting on a BBC show. Very quickly after that big gigs started coming in for me culminating in me getting my own shows. At every stage of my career his advice has been crucial and spot on. I will continue to work with him until my career goes belly up and then blame him.


He was an amazingly impressive character with strong philosophies on the comedy business. He was like a comedy guru, a life coach, focusing on the mental side of things. There was no doubt he was an inspirational orator. I felt uplifted and ready to rule the world. 


When I first met Paul I had been a professional working actor for 8 years with several big films and credits to my name. But the constant grind of audition failure had made me bitter, frustrated and tired. I was angry at not getting the opportunities I felt I deserved and was completely disillusioned about my future in this career. Paul’s advice can be a bitter pill to swallow at first. He basically pointed out to me how backwards my approach to my career had been up until this point and that it was my fault I was not succeeding the way I would have liked, or even able to see the success I have already achieved. His candid approach helped to dig me out of the hole I had put myself in and, as a result, I instantly booked my first jobs in ten months…two of them, back to back. I now know I can get rid of all the crap I had been telling myself I needed to succeed and concentrate on simply being the most charming person I can possibly be…and it’s working. 


Paul has changed my life as an actor. A year ago I was not getting into any rooms and was not making an impression on any of the casting people that I met. A year on and I have just finished working with David Fincher on “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and shooting another feature “Truth or Dare” next month. I now love auditioning and quite simply could not have achieved any of this without Paul. 

Paul always told me that there were two types of actors in Hollywood, I am now the type who is working! 



Before I started getting advice from Paul I had no idea just how off track I was. After years of frustration and getting nowhere with my acting career I knew there had to be another way. I went from no career to booking in about 12 months thanks to his guidance. Paul’s approach is the best spent money since arriving in Hollywood, it is a game changer. 


There are smart men. There are wise men. There are even geniuses…then there’s Paul Duddridge. Paul is seriously in a league, plane, whole world or whatever you want to call it of his own. There are just no words to describe exactly what he is or what he does but if you get the chance  and are privileged to be in it with him- learning from and working with him- then your world too will never be the same. 

Not only do I see so much of my life in a completely different way for the better but career wise, I’ve gone from being complete crap with my acting work (and I mean complete doodoo) to booking a lead role in a feature set for theatrical release and worldwide distribution. It didn’t happen overnight, that’s for sure but it sure did happen because of Paul. So like I said, no words to describe this man—it’s just Paul. Paul Duddridge. 


I would like to offer you an industry comp to the “Neverwhere” I am performing in. Truthfully, had I not been meeting with you, I very well may not have elected to do it and would have then missed out on what has been a great experience personally and professionally. They announced our extension yesterday, adding 11 more performances so now we add Thursdays starting April 25th and go through May 26th. So thank you for this experience as you were indeed a part of it happening. 


Paul taps into your fears and eradicates them from your thought process. He gets straight to the source of any problem that is holding me back. I had only known him from his success as a manager and writer in the UK. He worked with me whilst I was in LA and it wasn’t long before I was screen testing fora  lead in a Disney comedy. 


Paul did a remarkable job in helping me realize that it is very small things that can make a huge difference in my success, and was brilliantly straightforward about what I needed to do to get noticed and taken seriously, and it’s had an immediate impact on how I present myself and my projects. It’s not bullshit - when I get the opportunities I have created, it’s up to me to do a great job. But I wouldn’t be there without his help.


Working with Paul Duddridge changed my life…Literally! I was an actress/singer with ‘tons of potential’ but for some reason, couldn’t quite seal the deal. I was constantly getting excruciatingly close…almost booking the job…But in this business almost most certainly doesn’t count! I couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong…Paul helped me change that. After a few sessions…And after I learned to stop resisting (sometimes hearing the truth about your faults is hard to take) things started to change. He taught me to change a few key problems with my attitude and my approach to certain situations/people and literally within a couple of weeks I booked a movie (the lead female too!) I know have 3 movies coming out this summer and I’m actually turning down work! I totally credit my turnaround to Paul Duddridge. He’s my guru! 


Ok: I really want to get this right so you’ll give this guy a go! 

Paul was recommended to me by a very good friend. My career as an actor had pretty much ground to a halt and to be honest the last thing I needed was some “Feel Good” career therapist claiming he was going to change my world! 

Especially some Brit in LA! 

So it took me a long time and a considerable amount of persuasion to give Paul a call. 

But as it turned out, it was a call that would mark the beginning of a slow but sure return to the business I love, only this time with me in the driving seat! 

Not because I’ve suddenly become a better actor but because I’ve come back with a new perspective and a clear conception of what my true strengths are: both on and off camera. 

Truth is, if you can find what it is within yourself that is original, attractive and powerful then you will work! 

First you need to ask yourself some very serious and quite painful questions! Paul is the man who can help you with this…he really is! 

Thanks Paul! Now can I have my Kids back!!!


Paul’s no nonsense, no b.s. approach to this business (and, frankly, to life) has been eye opening. I went from a desperate and needy (2 years unemployed) actor to an actor with a series of auditions and call backs and an offer to guest on a prime time network show! Now the challenge is how to keep the good times rollin!


This rejection and lack of success that is out of one’s control, eats away at any ‘shine’ that the actor may have left - bills need to be paid, network tests costs more and more money to prepare for, one starts to doubt their talent and chances of every making this dream a reality. It’s catch-22 at every turn. It’s almost impossible to stay positive. 

About a month after Paul and I first started discussing my ‘experiences in frustration,’ agents at CAA decided to take me on and I was testing for the lead on a new ABC pilot and one of LA’s best Managers has signed me. And that’s just the beginning. 

We actors need every tool we possess as sharp and shiny as possible in order to succeed. 

I guarantee Paul gets you thinking in healthier ways, changing your mental thought patterns to I AM A STAR. Who doesn’t want to feel that confident? Only good things can come from that state of mind.


Paul is a genius.


The difference since working with Paul? It’s hard to quantify what Paul did, the most obvious result is that at age 51, from taking just a few coaching sessions I went from having some romantic dream about being a performer to actually writing my own show, booking the Kings Head Theatre in London, filling it and making money from ticket sales. Paul had helped me to dismantle the obstacles that were preventing me from just getting on with it. I went from the mentality of ex-nun, ex-schoolteacher, ex-missionary, to believing that having fun being a performer has value and at the same time isn’t that special or that difficult- you just have to want to do it. There was not much reason for him to believe in me but he did and the bizarre outcome is that I have also become a more truthful and authentic human being - not sure how he did that - I cried a lot and he was tough on me, calling me on the games I play to try to stay small. Being around Paul is definitely a ‘no bullshit’ zone…like a Simon Cowell with more heart and skill. And another thing, I am no longer allowing other people’s ‘dramas’ to dictate my life. He made me realize that speaking my own truth, living my own life (whatever the outcome) was all that mattered.


Well, life happened and I woke up thinking if this is it, then either I’m completely lost or I need to turn it around. And turn it around fast! Wrote a short script…got bfi money to make it and now working on a few other ideas…You will laugh…I’d never heard of you, read something in the Independent and thought ‘who is this chap?’ I’ve always stayed clear of self-help traps but what you were saying was common sense. I felt I’d been kicked in the butt and I certainly needed it. 

And I have to add - I’ve never randomly contacted anyone in my life. It’s just that I feel like I got in touch with myself and life. I had to thank you for that.


I wanna give Paul THANK YOU!!! shout outs. He absolutely supercharged me! 


Paul is the Man! He’s so real and a “magic word” master…a must.


It’s pretty overwhelming what I have achieved with your guidance in the past month

Having your belief in me has genuinely opened up an amazing new world of creativity which feels larger than life ! 



You are good 👍 

Best Career investment by far



I've been working with Paul for two months now and he showed me how to tap into a different frequency, a different mindset that can really showcase the qualities I already possesed. I am now able to show up 100% in my work and I have already created new and exciting career opportunities that I wouldn't have approached the same way had I not been coached by him. 



I found myself at a point where I was creatively frustrated when I came across Paul’s services advertised in The Stage Newsletter. Cut to a month later and I have booked a recurring role in a new tv series and I am on my way to possibly booking another. Paul gets right to the root of the problem and deals with it simply and efficiently. This guy is the real deal and I highly recommend him.


Paul Duddridge has completely transformed my career and life. I was going nowhere fast. within a few weeks of meeting Paul, I had phone calls, bookings and a whole team fighting for me. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. My one piece of advice, do everything he recommends. I’ve learned the hard way, he is always right. I am forever grateful.


Paul doesn’t just work on what’s commercially viable because for me personally I’ve never felt more realistic as an actor and artist. Lots of hard to swallow pills you’re resisting from making you a better artist


Paul Duddridge changed my life: not just once, but twice. 

Six years ago, I was unhappy, unfulfilled and searching for goodness knows what. Paul set me on a path that, personally, transformed my life, and instilled in me a new confidence and sense of direction that I had somehow lost. 

More recently, he has changed my life professionally. I have recently completed a scriptwriting course in Hollywood and, with Paul’s encouragement, support and considered advice, am spending a great deal of time in LA and am well on the way to completing my first screenplay. 

The brilliance of Paul both as a friend and mentor is twofold: 

  1. He makes you believe that all things are possible.

  2. He helps you find those parts of yourself to bring those things to fruition.

It’s not always easy - change never is; and the battle to stay the way you are, irrespective of the unhappiness it might be bringing you, is always strangely compelling. 

But when I talk with Paul, I am always reminded of a story I heard many years ago, of someone standing at the edge of a precipice, being encouraged to jump and not wanting to do so. Finally, they jump and discover they can fly - and they soar.

I haven’t always wanted to jump, and I haven’t always wanted to be pushed - but the view from up here is great! Paul Duddridge can change your life. 


Paul Duddridge helped me regain the confidence I’d lost. Confidence in myself, in the business and most importantly confidence to make the choices I’d been afraid to make. Having allowed myself to become a victim of my own fame, he showed me how to embrace it instead of running from it. I feel I’ve been reborn! I haven’t felt this inspired and ready to tackle anything that comes my way since I first started out in this business 15 years ago. Mr. Duddridge has become my hero!!


Being guided by Paul has been (and still is) one of the most significant and essential developments I’ve experienced in my acting career thus far. I found the experience a tremendously positive one, from which I’ve only just begun to reap the benefits. 

His simple and sturdy philosophy combined with his direct approach was essential in poking through all my blanket layers of bad habits and lazy tendencies. I liken it to the scene in that 70’s movie where the mustached detective shakes the inconsolable, hysterical woman: some people might consider it a bit harsh, but it’s for her own good, he cares about her, and it was quite possibly the only way to get her to listen.


I am a talent manager in Los Angeles. I represent many successful ‘big name’ clients in the entertainment industry. I was introduced to Paul’s work in 2008 when a client of mine he had coached credited him with landing her a network TV job. I have referred many of my clients to him since then and I have been very impressed with the results. After working with Paul, they come back to me optimistic, confident and ready to succeed. He’s like a sports coach.